Security requires more than a strong password. Clarety Solutions believes security is a responsibility we share with our partners and clients, so we take a multidimensional approach to securing each of our client's solutions.

Strong Access Controls

Every Clarety Solutions solution uses strong access controls for protection.

Our partner's secure access module enforces encrypted standards-based access credentials.

Our clients can implement user access and password policies to protect business data and customer privacy.

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Encrypted Payments

Payments use encrypted real-time credit card processing in all Clarety Solutions solution.

Our payment partners offer advanced features for combatting online fraud and dealing with PCI DSS.

Our clients can choose which payment gateway and level of fraud protection suits their business requirements.

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Application Firewalls

Clarety Solutions protects the solutions businesses rely on with application firewalls.

Our partners provide managed web application firewalls and comprehensive, policy-based web application security.

Our clients can apply a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to keep their websites safe from malicious attacks.

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Secure Infrastructure

Clarety Solutions relies on managed secure infrastructure for it's business solutions.

Our partners provide secure standards-compliant physical and network infrastructure which is actively monitored for security threats.

Our clients can also implement private networks to access their business solutions.

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