Servers & Infrastructure

Our solutions depend on reliable scalable servers and instrustructure so we've selected partners who can deliver monitored global performance. These industry leaders help Clarety Solutions provide Smart Solutions. Made Simple.


Reliable server infrastructure is the foundation of every Clarety Solutions solution.

Bulletproof Networks' servers and hosting infrastructure, delivered via a fully monitored and managed network provide:

  • 99.995% availability
  • Fully managed BGP routing
  • Low latency connectivity
  • 24/7 proactive support

Why we selected Bulletproof


Scalable email sending is essential for every Clarety Solutions solution.

SendGrid solutions are built upon the world’s largest email delivery infrastructure, providing you with:

  • Delivery optimisation
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Scalability and reliability
  • Spam filtering testing

Why we selected SendGrid


Global performance is available to every Clarety Solutions solution.

Amazon S3 and CloudFront stores and distributes popular content via edge locations spread throughout:

  • Australia
  • Asia
  • North America, and
  • Europe


Monitored uptime and performance is standard with every Clarety Solutions solution.

Pingdom and New Relic provide valuable measurement and insight into website and application performance by:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Immediate alerts
  • Real-time analysis
  • Performance tuning