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Software Release 1.6.0

Clarety™ is continuously improved. Each Software Release includes new capabilities added to the feature set as well as corrective maintenance to the core software.

This Software Release includes:

Capabilities Added

  • New add-ons column in fulfilment export (34389)
  • New tag importer for customers and organisations (34379)
  • Registrations can now have add-on offers (such as SMS or Timing Chips) (34311)
  • Registrations can now have merchandise that is associated with a specific event (34311)
  • The finder will open a details panel automatically if only one result is found (34239)
  • payment gateway is now supported for US and Canadian dollar transactions (32635)

Corrections Applied

  • Clean up merge duplicate references when a customer is deleted (34377)
  • Fix customer name search on fulfilment finder (34375)
  • Saved export run time filters only apply to the top level vlookup dataset specified in the configuration (34363)
  • Fix fundraising team member panel to only show members of that team (34349)

Software Release Date: 21 October 2013